Soft Carry Case for Value Projectors

Part Number: CA-SOFTVAL-2
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Soft carrying case for value projector series for easy mobility and protection.

  • Fits InFocus IN110a, IN110x, IN120a, IN120x, IN120STa, IN120STx, IN2120a and IN2120x Series projectors
  • Padded interior keeps projector protected
  • Strong and light weight
Shipping Weight 1 lbs.
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OK Case

Was looking for a case for my LP-130. No longer available it seems. This case is big enough, actually too big, but it works. Not as nice as the LP-130 case which zipped open to expose the top of the projector in a divided compartment. A side compartment held the remote. This case has the projector rest on its back. Cables and accessories slip into this case loose. The old style has a zipper compartment for the video cable on the outside of the case. This is a lower cost way of manufacturing but still protects the projector.

Reviewed on 09/29/2016
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